I offer practical workshops in storytelling and scriptwriting in which I introduce empathy as a tool for concept and story development.  These workshops can be tailored to the needs of industry professionals such as scriptwriters, producers, directors, actors, journalists, production companies, public broadcasters, etc. Workshops can also be aimed at students of directing, producing, and scriptwriting as well as organizations and companies that have a vested interest in storytelling in different forms. Workshops can address fictional storytelling as well as documentary film-making, character development, story structure, world-building, etc. Interested in my workshops? Contact me and I'll tell you more.

During the workshops, participants will develop their writing skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of the emotional potential of their and other's stories. I have previously given similar workshops in documentary film-making at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (South Africa) and AFDA Film School, Cape Town (South Africa) during the years 2006-2016. I have held workshops aimed at fiction film in empathy and storytelling at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) 2014, Den Norske Filmskole (Norway) 2018, NAFTI (Ghana) 2016, ZDhk (Switzerland) 2017, YLE (2017), Akademin Valand (Sweden) 2019 and VGIK (Russia) 2019.

Additionally, I offer playful and inspirational workshops in scriptwriting to professionals in other fields, such as "Scriptwriting for Lawyers" and "Scriptwriting for Doctors". My input can also be tailored to a specific project in the form of consultation that spans over a longer period. I have worked with several Nordic production companies as a script consultant/script doctor on projects, most recently the drama series Bathroom Stories (Moilo, 2019) and Vakuum 2 (Söder films, 2021), and a children's series A year in the Fairytale Forest (Söder films, 2021).
Jan waving his hands. Photo: Eeva HannulaA room with people who are having a workshop

"Inspiring. I learned how to apply empathy as a method in scriptwriting, which was cool!"

- Master student after my workshop at Den norske filmskolen, Oslo, 2018.

All of my workshops and consultations can be offered in English, Swedish, or Finnish. I offer short 3-hour introductions to my approach, as well as 1, 2, and 3-day intensive workshops. I can also devise longer 1-2-week intensive courses.